IDS (International Design Studio) was founded by Akın YEŞİLLER. The content of the company; architecture, interior design, landscape aesthetics and product-based innovative materials. We have an identity that makes project based design and takes care to present the designed project in the most perfect way.
       Contemporary architectural understanding developed with today's technology; Our priority is to blend it with the most innovative materials and textures and present it to our customers beyond the places you have always targeted. For us, every project is a new world; new lines, new experiences, new customer base and new satisfaction. Our goal is to create a world brand with you. Our brand opens the doors of the global world with both domestic and international projects.
       It is important for us to create short and long term gains for our valued customers in the entire process from the beginning of the design of a project to the end of its implementation. One of the most important goals of our brand is to provide unique and quality service to more than one customer at the same time during the year. In addition to being a brand that does its job lovingly, we will always be in the sector with our excitement that does not drop in the heart of undiscovered customers.
      We thank you.